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Health and safety

The Australian Plants Society (APS NSW) is committed to keeping members, volunteers and visitors safe when they participate in APS NSW activities.

While the Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation does not apply to APS NSW as a fully volunteer organisation, the Board is committed to adopting a best practice approach to duty of care and complying with WHS laws by:

• taking reasonable care of our own health and safety

• taking reasonable care of the health and safety of others

• developing and ensuring volunteers, members and visitors follow any reasonable instructions or procedures as relates to WHS.

What we all need to do is simple and based on common sense. 

Policy, procedures and forms

HS Policy and procedures

This document lays out how we operate to keep people safe. 

HS Policy and procedures v3.pdf

Risk plans, attendance forms and emergency procedures

This document lays out the risks that we face in APS NSW and group activities. It provides templates that activity leaders complete PRIOR to any activity taking place. 

APS NSW Risk plans Jan 2023.pdf

APS NSW Risk plans Jan 2023.docx

Short form risk assessment, developed by Rhonda Daniels, to be adapted.

Risk assessment-short form.docx

Here is a short form assessment developed by Menai which can also be adapted. 


Attendance forms need to be completed for any activity in APS NSW. 

Attendance sheet.docx

At each location where we hold activities, we need to know and communicate the emergency procedures. This template should be completed. 

Emergency plan template Oct 2022.docx

Forms for injury and incident

Whenever there is a safety incident or injury, these forms need to be completed and submitted to the district group and APS NSW (

Incident and Hazard Reporting Form.docx

Incident and Hazard Reporting Form.pdf

Injury Form.docx

Injury Form.pdf

Training and induction

For each volunteer role, induction or training should be done. Here is an induction checklist to use for each role:

Induction checklist for volunteers.docx

Draft training for members, activity leaders and District Groups

HS induction for APS members v5.pdf

Training booklet for all members/volunteers - this is in draft and will be printed for sharing with members

Keeping people safe booklet v3.pdf

Acknowledgement of training/induction:

Safety acknowledgement.docx

For the keynote version, contact

Guides for activity leaders:



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