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Central Coast District Group


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We usually meet at Phillip House, 21 Old Mount Penang Road, Kariong.

About us

We are an active group on the Central Coast of NSW that encourages the growing, learning about and enjoyment of Australian native plants in home gardens, national parks and bushland areas. 

We regularly host:

    We also have a large library of books on native plants and share    monthly newsletters filled with new insights and stories. 

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    Photo above - Epacris longiflora

    Actinotus helianthii

    NSW Central Coast native wildflowers that may be seen in local bushlands during May -

    Crowea saligna

    Banksia spinulosa

    Acacia suaveolens

    Pseudanthus pimeleoides

    Astroloma pinifolium

    Correa reflexa

    Macrozamia communis

    Melaleuca quinquenervia

    Chloanthes stoechadis

    Actinotus minor

    It's time to do an Autumn walk in local bushland to enjoy the variety of plants putting on a show!

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