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Sutherland District Group


History of Sutherland Group of APS NSW

The Group first met in February 1963 at Engadine. In 2001, Maurice Haenke, a member of the Group, prepared a history of the Sutherland Group.

On 28 April 2013, the Sutherland Group celebrated its 50th anniversary with an enjoyable afternoon tea at the Kareela Golf Club. Over 80 people attended, including current and former members and friends from other APS NSW groups. A YouTube video was produced by Liz Aitken and some photos are available on our Facebook site. A PowerPoint presentation with photos from throughout our 50 years ran on a continuous loop.

Masterlist of Plants from the Plant Table

Dan Clarke has put together a list of plants that have appeared on the Plant Table at meetings of the Sutherland Group over the last several years. Dan has compiled notes from the meetings about each plant, added some notes from his own experience and provided some links to find more information.

Propagating plants from seeds and cuttings

A quick overview of propagating plants from seeds and cuttings by Ron Stevens, a former member of the Group.

Plant selector for the Sutherland Shire

The Sutherland Shire native plant selector has been devised by the Sutherland Shire Council and enables you to select Australian native plants suitable for your property.

Plant list, Palona Cave walk, Royal National Park

A list of many of the plants found along the track to Palona Cave from the car park at the southern end of Lady Carrington Drive.

Plant list, Voyager Point walk

A list of some of the plants noted on walk at Voyager Point. Our August 2014 newsletter has a description of the walk and the route taken on the day.

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