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South Eastern Region District Group


Next Meeting

Saturday 10th April, 10 a.m.

The committee has been asked to arrange a refresher course on propagation by grafting, and we are pleased that once again Phil Trickett has volunteered his services and expertise to accommodate this exercise.

We understand that it is a bit of a hike to travel to Little Forest, but Catriona and Phil’s garden is always a pleasure to visit, with the range of difficult to cultivate plants grafted to hardy rootstocks testament to this method of growing unusual Australian plants, so the extra effort is certainly worthwhile. We have been blessed with a cool summer, and somewhat regular rain, but as the days cool, the window of opportunity for propagation is quickly closing.

Phil will again demonstrate his method of grafting, and depending on the material available, will show us how to graft Banksia, Grevillea, Isopogon and Eremophila.                                                                          

Members who wish to participate in actually doing some grafts will be encouraged to do so. However, although Phil will provide plant material for participants, he is not supplying the equipment necessary for the physical grafting.

Should you wish to do some grafts to take home, you will need to:                                                             

bring your own small tubes of your preferred propagation mix, into each of which one cutting graft will be placed.                                                                                                                                                 

or struck cuttings / seedlings you have already grown you would like to graft onto, clean and sharp implements (secateurs, razor blade, scalpel, hobby knife etc) which you are comfortable and confident using, (and band-aids if you are not confident),                                

small plastic bags to cover completed grafts to prevent them drying out (these need to be unused) and some way of transporting the grafts home without the tubes and mix messing up your vehicle.  

Phil will talk about how to ensure the plant material is disease free, and will supply bleach solution. We will also supply methylated spirits used to keep equipment clean, hormone treatment for cuttings, including discussion on the benefits, if any, of applying hormone treatment to cuttings, and grafting tape to hold the stock and scion together.                                                                                                                    

The pre-lunch session will begin with open discussion about grafting, and then practical demonstrations. Members will then be encouraged to “have a go”, with Phil providing personal assistance for those requesting it.    

After lunch, the grafters will get back to work, and those members not wishing to continue developing grafting skills can join Catriona in a wander around their large garden.Whilst there is no need to remind you that CoVid restrictions are still in place, there is no limit placed on attendance at this event. However Government health authorities still warn that the situation can change at any time, and your committee will advise if there are any changes to arrangements.

You should also bring morning tea and lunch and a chair, as there are no facilities close by.

We remind you also that cars must not be parked on Lyrebird Lane, as the road and verge is too narrow for vehicles to pass. There is plenty of space on the property, and those attending will be directed to suitable parking space. 


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