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South Eastern Region District Group


Read about our Covid safe get together with Norm and Leslie Hulands here...

Next Meeting

Saturday 3rd October 2020,  10a.m.

Meeting at South Pacific Heathland Reserve

Dowling St. Ulladulla

followed by a Garden visit to Catriona and Phil’s

Lyrebird Lane Little Forest

Details about the RSVP for our October event.

Our hosts for the upcoming meeting have been consulted about the RSVP process, and are happy that those members wishing to attend should respond through your newsletter editor, via email to , and bookings will be open upon the receipt of this newsletter.   

Unfortunately we are still restricted to events, at outside venues, of 20 people only.                                                                                                                                                       


Therefore the first 20 people to RSVP will be advised that they may visit, and should more apply to attend, these will be added to a supplementary list, and be advised if any vacancies arise prior to the day.  However if restrictions are altered between now and our event, members will be advised accordingly.                                                                                                                                                              

The committee understands that this is very restrictive, but has no choice other than to adhere to the strict rules under which we now live, lest we be precluded from ever meeting again. We will need you to only come if you are well, and prepared to undertake social distancing.                                       

Having all seen many interesting show and tell specimens from Catriona and Phil’s garden, it will be wonderful to see where and how they grow.  But don’t be shy, everyone is welcome to bring along some plant specimens to enthuse over.  Let’s make it another big show, and get excited over the springtime bounty.

Di Clark

In the meantime, thank you to those who have provided John with articles and snippets for the newsletter. It is always interesting reading about other people’s activities and perspectives. I hope you are all finding the extra time to get out in your own garden and our surrounding bush.

Contributions from local members can viewed by clicking on the links below.

Articles from June

Should We Grow More Fruit - Jan Douglas.pdf

In My Garden June - Carolyn Noake.pdf

In My Garden June - Marjorie Apthorpe.pdf

In My Garden June - Leigh Murray.pdf

Recovering from Fire - Lyndal Thorburn.pdf

Manganese Toxicity - Richard Tomkin.pdf

In My Garden - Anne Bailey.pdf

Continuing A Seed Sowing Saga - Norm Hulands.pdf

Updates from May

In My Garden Anne Kearney.pdf

In My Garden Christina Kennedy.pdf

In My Garden Carolyn Noake.pdf

In My Garden Leigh Murray.pdf

In My Garden Lesley Hulands.pdf

In My Garden Di Clark.pdf

In My Garden Marjorie Apthorpe.pdf

In My Garden Norm Hulands.pdf

From Michele Pymble comes this suggestion.pdf

Reports from April

In My Garden Marjorie Apthorpe.pdf

In My Garden Carolyn Noake.pdf

In My Garden Margaret Lynch.pdf  

In My Garden Norm Hulands.pdf

In My Garden Lesley Vincent and Geoff Lovie.pdf

In My Garden Annie Hood and Geoff Gosling in Corona Lockdown.pdf

In My Garden With the current virus lockdown.pdf

Show and tell - A native Senna on the far south coast Jackie Miles.pdf




Some Previous APSSE Activities


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