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APS NSW COVID-19 Update, 3 June 2020

As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted around NSW and Australia, it looks like we will be able to hold physical activities again in the near term. This may include walks, garden visits and nursery activities. It is essential for both the safety of our members and for insurance purposes that we abide by ongoing restrictions and social distancing guidelines in any activities.

Please complete risk assessments before holding any physical activities. At present, it looks like physical meetings with greater than 10 people are still off the agenda, although this may change. Again, risk assessments should be undertaken before deciding to progress with any meetings. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the President, John Aitken, or Secretary, Heather Miles. Stay safe. The plants need us...or is it us that needs them?

Come with us on a journey to explore the flora of thousands of years ago to the world of the future!

Combining guest speakers, seminars, workshops and field trips, this promises to be an exciting 5.5 days, from Sunday 12 Sept to Friday 17 September 2021, right when the plants are blooming (rain permitting)! 

Along with the conference itself, we will be hosting tours pre- and post-conference, to a range of beautiful and iconic places around NSW such as the south coast, Blue Mountains, Lord Howe Island, Warrumbungles and Sydney. 

For more and to register an expression of interest, see here

Upcoming events - confirm with each Group

Check each event for more details, due COVID-19. For all events, click here.

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