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Sutherland District Group

The CD of Coastal Plants of the Royal National Park


Update January 2022: We have very limited stock of the CD. Please contact us on for an update.

Available from the Sutherland Group of the Australian Plants Society is a great interactive CD detailing over 300 species of the plants found in the coastal area of the Royal National Park, described in text and using over 1300 stunning plant photographs including their flowers, leaves, fruit and bark: and for ferns, their fronds and sori (spore capsules).

The CD features powerful search facilities - you can find a plant by just entering what you know about it; its flowers and their colour, its leaves, the month it was in flower, where you saw it etc. You can try get a feel for its capabilities by taking a quick slideshow tour.  Sample some of the search capabilities in one of these web demo searches.

It runs on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 & XP, is easy to use (you do not need to be a botanist) and it costs just A$20 plus A$2 for postage (surface mail within Australia). Click here to find out how you can get a copy.

The Plants

The CD includes botanical details and photos of over 300 of the wide range of plants that you are likely to see as you walk through the coastal areas of the Royal National Park. It does not claim to include details of every plant in the area but rather it concentrates on the plants that you are most likely to come across during your walk. 

The botanical information given is specific to the plants actually found in the coastal areas of the Park. It should be noted that the same species may grow taller, have flowers of another colour or may differ in other respects in other parts of the country and even in other areas within the Park. But what you will find in this software is what has been found by members of the Group in the coastal areas of the Park on numerous trips over many years.


  • Detailed information on over 300 plants from the area
  • Easy to use, without needing to know botany (To get a taste of some of the search capabilities try web demo searches.)
  • Over 1300 stunning photographs of the plants (an example is shown below) including their flowers, leaves, fruit and bark: and for ferns, their fronds and sori (spore capsules)
  • Intelligent search engine allows you to find plants by their characteristics (flower colour, form, plant and leaf shape, flowering month(s) etc)
  • Comprehensive information on the Park including how to get there, where to find the plants, details of the walks and tracks through the coastal area plus maps.
  • All information and pictures on the CD can be printed out - including plant identification guidelines and data collection forms
  • Glossary to help understand words and phrases used
  • Information and photos of various habitats in the area
  • Maps showing where these habitats are found in the Royal National Park

Web-based Demo Searches

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