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Information for joint members, and membership cards

Joint memberships in the Australian Plants Society NSW are called 'bundles' and are limited to two members. One of the members is the administrator of the bundle, and receives notifications of renewals. 

Joining as a bundle is a two step process:

  1. In the 'Join APS' section of the website, sign up by clicking on the appropriate 'joint' membership category e.g. ordinary or concession. Signup using the 'bundle administrator's' details. Make your payment as indicated.
  2. Once your payment and membership have been approved (allow 48 hours), you will receive a notification that your membership has been approved and you can then go back into the system to add your co-member. 
    • Log in to the website
    • Go to your profile (click on your name at the top of the screen)
    • On your profile, click Edit profile
    • At the bottom of this screen is a button called 'Add member'. Click that
    • Add a member to your bundle by following the prompts. You only need to enter your co-member's name, mailing address (same as your own) and an email if desired.
    • You can also then access the membership cards for both members from these profile screens.  
You can also ask for the assistance of the Australian Plants Society Membership Officer, Merle Thompson, who can add your co-member for you. 

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