Who are we?

The Australian Plants Society NSW Ltd (ABN 87 002 680 408) is a non-profit, independent, incorporated community organisation with members in NSW and overseas. Enjoy Australian native plants with over 20 friendly groups in NSW.

To join the Australian Plants Society NSW, please complete the form here, and return by post or email.


Small Birds and Our Garden

Small Birds and Our Garden  by Warren Sheather                                                                                                                                             

Australia’s small native birds are in trouble. Honeyeaters, wrens, finches and thrushes to name a few have disappeared from many areas. The loss of essential habitat namely shrub understoreys have suited large aggressive birds, usually Noisy Miners and Currawongs, to the detriment of smaller birds. Noisy Miners now dominate many parks and other public open spaces because there is an abundance trees but virtually no understorey.
We were faced with a similar situation when we purchased our property Yallaroo, west of Armidale in northern NSW. The property had been a sheep grazing property with mature eucalypts, an abundance of large birds (but fortunately no Noisy Miners), no understorey and consequently no small birds.




The aims of the Society are:

  * To foster and promote appreciation, study and participation in growing and propagating Australian native plants
* By lawful means, foster, support and promote the preservation and conservation of Australian native plants
* To encourage the use of Australian native plants in home gardens and public places
* To improve native plants as garden subjects
* To interest the nursery industry in propagating & supplying
Australian native plants to the public
* To increase and disseminate general knowledge of Australian plants

The aims are broad and allow us to respond to changing needs and priorities and to encompass all aspects of Australian plants.

To join the society please print, complete and return the form obtained here.


2016 Quarterly Meetings

Please see the attached details of the next Quarterly Gathering which is being hosted by the Northern Beaches Group on Saturday February 27 at the North Curl Curl Community Centre. Three different activities are available in the morning prior to lunch at the Community Centre at noon. Lunch will be followed by a talk from Narelle Happ on the subject of "Growing Bush Tucker in the Garden".

Please also note the following dates:

1. The AGM and May Gathering will be hosted by the Sutherland Group on Saturday May 21 at the Sutherland Multi Purpose Centre. The AGM will be followed by a talk from Anthony O'Halloran of Bilby Blooms on "Conservation Issues in the Pilliga Forest". See for details of the venue.

2. The 2016 Annual Get Together will be hosted by Tamworth on the weekend of Saturday / Sunday August 20 / 21. Further details not yet available. 

3. The 2016 November Gathering will be hosted by the Macarthur Group on Saturday November 19 at Black Stump Natives. Ben Walcott, leader of the ANPSA Garden Design Group will talk on “Garden design: a personal perspective". See:

Download this file (APS February Quarterly Meeting Northern Beaches .pdf)APS February Quarterly Meeting Northern Beaches.pdf[February Quarterly Meeting (pdf)]271 kB
Download this file (APS February Quarterly Meeting.docx)APS February Quarterly Meeting.docx[February Quarterly Meeting (word doc)]72 kB




Members are from all age groups and ways of life from amateurs who want to learn a bit more about Australian plants to professionals - from artists, florists, farmers and nurserymen to plant scientists: anyone who has an interest in Australian flora.

Many members enjoy Australian plants as garden subjects in the suburbs or the challenge of propagating and cultivating difficult to grow species or finding and propagating unusual forms of plants; many contribute to conservation, education, study of bushland or the awakening of a love of the Australian flora in others; others grow Australian plants commercially, many enjoy travel looking at Australian plants in their normal habitat, and photography. For many, membership of the Society is a way of meeting like minded people.

Members who have a professional interest in Australian plants can obtain information outside their specialised area. Some members who do not work with Australian plants for a living but have qualifications in botany, horticulture and so on, find satisfaction in using their knowledge in a leisure activity. For many members of the Society it is a relaxing and enjoyable activity and their first involvement with Australian plants. The Australian Plants Society also has among its members local government authorities, schools, other societies, libraries, corporations and government bodies.

To join the society please print, complete and return the form obtained here.

Download this file (APS NSW membership form-Nov 2015.pdf)APS NSW Membership form[ ]130 kB