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Australia has a wide range of ecosystems driven by climate and environmental conditions and plants have adapted to these environments. While many Australian plants are very hardy and adaptable, as care needs to be taken to consider the conditions in which they will grow both at the broader climatic and environmental levels, as well as microclimates. 

In considering what to grow, we have categorised the plants by their form and size:

  • Trees - generally have a single trunk, are self supporting and are over 6 metres tall
  • Shrubs - generally are 1 to 6 metres tall with multi-stemmed woody stems
  • Grasses and strappy plants - are generally herbaceous with the distinctive flowing shape of grasses
  • Ground covers - generally under 1 metre and can be prostrate, dwarf or herbaceous plants
  • Wetland plants - are those that cope with damp soil
  • Climbers - adapted to either growing up or out across the ground

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