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Grevillea vestita

Grevillea vestita is a bushy shrub that reaches a height of two metres in our garden. The species will reach greater heights in more temperate regions.

Leaves are up to six centimetres in length with three to six lobes. Each lobe is crowned with a pungent point. Leaves are hairy. The flowers are white or pale pink, scented and held in axillary racemes. Blooms are both conspicuous, profuse and appear from July to October. They are similar in colour and appearance to the better known Grevillea White Wings. Grevillea vestita plants appreciate light pruning.

In our garden Grevillea vestita has proved to be hardy, free flowering, frost tolerant and once established has very low water requirements.

There are two subspecies Grevillea vestita ssp. vestita and G. vestita ssp. isopogoides. The latter ssp. has more deeply lobed leaves than the former. Our specimens appear to be ssp. vestita.

Grevillea vestita propagates easily from cuttings.

This species is a native of the south west area of Western Australia. 

The type specimen appears to have been collected in the King George Sound area in about 1841.

The species name refers to the hairs on the leaves. 

Warren and Gloria Sheather

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