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Calotis cuneifolia, Burr Daisy

Calotis cuneifolia is a member of the Asteraceae (Daisy) family. The genus is usually known Burr Daisies.

Calotis cuneifolia is a dwarf, rounded perennial. The small leaves are wedge-shaped (cuneate-hence the species name).

Daisy flower heads are prolific and are carried for most of the year. Flowers may be white or lilac. The lilac-flowered form is the most attractive. Flowers are followed by reddish-brown fruits forming a number of burrs.

This Burr Daisy is a decorative plant that flowers profusely and retains its dense shape with minimum tip pruning.

The species is native to our property, Yallaroo, but the best plants we have ever observed were growing along fire trails in the Pilliga Scrub, central NSW (see main photo). These were dense plants covered with lilac flowers.

Calotis cuneifolia occurs in all mainland states except Western Australia. Try this Burr-daisy in native cottage gardens and rockeries. Their only down side is that the burrs will stick in your socks so we suggest that you plant specimens away from paths and borders.

The species will propagate from seed and rapidly from cuttings.

Warren and Gloria Sheather

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