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Callistemon ‘Packers Selection’ 

Callistemon ‘Packers Selection’ is a small shrub reaching a height of 1.5 metres with pendulous growth habit. 

The narrow leaves are four centimetres long by four millimetres wide. Brushes are nine centimetres long by three centimetres wide. They are deep red, fading as they age. The main flowering period is during the warmer months with sporadic flowering at other times. Plants, in our cold climate garden, have flowered in February, March, and December. Remove spent brushes to promote dense growth and bounteous blooming.

Callistemon ‘Packers Selection’ is a variant of C. subulatus and arose in a tray of seedlings in a Sydney nursery. The cultivar was registered in 1980. ‘Packers Selection’ may be distinguished by its pendulous growth habit and longer brushes when compared to C. subulatus.

Callistemon ‘Packers Selection’ could be cultivated as a foreground shrub in native garden beds. In our cold climate garden, ‘Packers Selection’ has proved to be hardy and free flowering.

Warren and Gloria Sheather

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