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Saturday 7th April 2018

Granite; Grail or Graveyard

This meeting will focus on plants growing on the                      Granitic soils west of Moruya

Meet at Jenny and Ralph Vine’s  property                                  1638 Maulbrooks Road Mogendoura at 10.30am 

Among the various descriptions of the word “Grail”, one traditional meaning was a stone with miraculous powers that provide sustenance in infinite abundance. A number of our members garden on soil derived of granitic rock. These soils vary in their productivity, ability to absorb and hold water, and susceptibility to erosion. Granitic soils are generally sandy in structure and low in fertility. However the range of plants growing naturally on Moruya granites is quite extensive. We might just learn a little about rocks at this meeting, as Ralph, a geologist, has agreed to discuss this topic.

Jenny will show us around her garden, established on a dry ridge over 25 years ago. The trials associated with trying to establish favourite garden plants are many. Plants here must cope with dry to very dry soil conditions most of the time.   

After a look around the garden, and a walk down to the creek at the bottom of the block, (optional for those who might find the steepness a bit daunting) we will drive along Maulbrooks Road, stopping along the way to investigate the varied flora.                    

Depending on what we find, and of course time, we intend to have a look also at a gully area where conditions are somewhat cooler, and the flora quite different.


BYO morning tea and lunch, and a camp stool or chair in case convenient rocks are not available.                                                              

Wear sensible clothing and shoes for wandering around on soils which can be slippery due to their structure.   

Be aware the roads we will traverse are unmade, but generally suitable to 2wd vehicles with care.

Note also that dogs are not permitted at APS activities.

Directions to Jenny and Ralph Vine.pdf

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