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Meeting with speaker: Sharon Bowen on 

' Temporal Changes in the vegetation communities of the Macquarie Marshes 1991- 2013 '

The Macquarie Marshes are a floodplain wetland complex of 250,000 ha, located ~200km north of Dubbo in Central Western NSW, in the lower floodplains of the Macquarie River Catchment. They include the Macqurie Marshes Nature Reserve and State Conservation Area. The Marches have been under ecological stress since the building of Burrendong Dam in 1967 changed the natural flooding regime, exacerbated by droughts and changed land management practices. read more ...
River red gum forest in Good condition -
Northern Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve.
Non-woody wetland in Poor condition -
Southern Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve.
Date:Saturday August 26
Venue:Gumnut Hall, Gumnut Place, Cherrybrook. See map below
Time: 2 - 4pm

Not surprisingly we have rarely considered plants of a wetland but many wetlands have distinctive plants which are adapted to the wetting and drying cycles of wetlands. The types of plants found in a wetland depend on:
    • whether a wetland has mostly fresh, saline or brackish water
    • surface and underground drainage
    • frequency of inundation
    • other factors such as soil, temperature, rainfall and topography.

Some coastal wetlands have plants adapted to estuarine conditions, such as mangroves and seagrasses. Others have freshwater plants such as paperbarks, reeds and sedges. Inland floodplain wetlands are often in low rainfall areas and have a few hardy eucalypts such as river red gum, coolabah and black box, which can tolerate years of drought or low river flows.

Wetlands are not rainforests although possibly there are some similarities. So, we have much to learn and to consider from Sharon.

By the way, please invite other family members and friends to our meeting.


The Hills Shire Orange Blossom Festival Zest Fest - Market Day Stall

If you want to buy an unusual range of native plants at reasonable cost this is for you.
Date: Sunday August 27
Venue: Bella Vista Farm Park, 2 Elizabeth MacArthur Dr, Bella Vista.
Time: 10am - 7pm

This year the ParraHills group is running a stall at the Orange Blossom Festival market. On the stall we will have a large range of native plants to sell, mostly in tubes and smaller pots. These plants have all been produced by our propagation group, which grows them, largely from cuttings, at the Hills Shire nursery complex. Our native gardening advice is free. We will also be selling beautiful bunches of native flowers, all cut from members’ gardens.


Location of Gumnut Hall

Gumnut Hall, Gumnut Place, Cherrybrook.

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