North Shore District Group


Walks & Talks Term 4, 2017

The walks & talks are held at:

The "Caley’s Pavilion"
The Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden
420 Mona Vale Road,
St Ives

Arrive at 9:45 am for a 10:00am start.
Information sheets are provided.
Walks conclude at approx. 12.30 pm. 

Please wear suitable footwear, and bring a hat and water. 

No prior knowledge required - just an enquiring mind and a love of the bush! 

There is a fee of $5 per person per session to cover costs, discounted to $2 for APS members. 

Topics and leaders for term 4, 2017

October 9th

 Leader  Jeannie Davidson
 Topic: 'Waratahs and other Proteaceae ’

The Waratah is the floral emblem of New South Wales. You see it in architectural flourishes, government letter heads and in decorative  motifs.

 The Waratah is in the Proteaceae family which has survived in Australia for135 million years. Come and hear about this ancient family and see specimens as you stroll through the bush at KWG. Visitors welcome

October 16th 

 Leader  Jan Williamson
 Topic: ‘Callistemons, Kunzeas, and Melaleucas (Family Myrtaceae)’

This is the second of three topics devoted to genera of the Myrtaceae family.

Red Bottlebrushes dominate the streetscapes of Ku-ring-gai with a spectacular display in spring. These hardy plants are bird attractors and bring a procession of honey eaters to the Garden each year. Learn how to identify the local Callistemons and the related Melaleucas and Kunzeas and get to know a few species suitable for growing in your home garden duringthe Talk and see them on the Walk in KWG. Plant nurseries have long recognised the horticultural potential of Bottlebrushes and many cultivars have been developed.

23rd October 2017

 Robert Failes
 Topic  ‘Longer Walk Eastern Mueller Track (10 am to 3 pm))’
 Background We take the opportunity to study the vegetation along the Mueller Track as it roughly follows Tree Fern Gully Creek along the eastern part of KWG.

This track supports a surprising number of plants not found elsewhere in KWG. We will pass Tree Fern Gully Falls, Billy’s Bridge, Whipbird Gully and return to the Solander Trail near Endlicher Point. Please wear suitable footwear. The walk involves steps and is moderately difficult but the pace will be gentle. Bring a hat, water and a packed lunch to eat along the track. 

30th October 2017

Coleen Southal and Noela Jones
 Topic 'Bird Walk’

Come at the earlier time (9am) and in the final walk and talk for this year at KWG, Bill and Noela will look and listen to the birds of the Garden with you! They vary from the tiniest Blue Fairy Wrens to the larger birds like Cockatoos and Ravens. They will also tell you how to have a bird friendly garden! Please wear suitable ootwear and a hat. Bring water and binoculars if possible.

6th November 2017

 Barry Lees
 Topic  ‘Grasses (Family Poaceae) ’

Grasses are one of the most diverse and abundant plant groups and yet they generally escape our notice until they are flowering and have seedheads. Grasses supply 60% of the world’s food. We will learn how to recognise some of the local native grasses, then take a walk in KWG and see how many we can find. Please wear suitable footwear and hat, use sunscreen and insect repellent and bring water. Visitors welcome.

13th November 2017

Jan Marshall
 Topic 'Leptospermums and Baeckeas'

Tea-trees grow from the coastal fringes, across the mountains and on the far western plains of NSW. Come and learn about many of the local species of Leptospermums and see them in their natural environment at the KWG. Wendy will also introduce you to some other plants of the Myrtaceae family such as Baeckeas, the bush-tucker shrub Austromyrtus and the less well-known red-flowering Darwinias.

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